Clone and make a T-shirt - ONLINE

Clone and make a T-shirt - ONLINE

We are now bringing our most popular workshop Clone your Clothes, online!


In this workshop we will focus on a staple garment in our wardrobes, that is unisex... the T-Shirt.


Craig, your host, will show you step by step how to make a pattern from an existing T-shirt, without taking it apart. To be able to take part, you must select a basic T-shirt, that has no darts, or specific additional design elements.


The workshop is broken down into two parts over two evenings, each session is 1.5 hours long.


Session 1: 

Creating a pattern

Adding seam allowances

Instructions on cutting out


Session 2:

Sewing up your T-shirt




You will need the following tools to be able to partake in the workshop. You can find all of these on our  Suppliers Page on our website:


1. Tracing wheel

2. Pattern Paper (approx 1.5 metres) or you can use any kind of paper to create your pattern.

3. Pencils

4. Ruler (ideally the Pattern Master from our suppliers page)

5. Jersey fabric (1.5 metres)

6. Pins

7. Sharp fabric scissors

8. Sewing machine 

9. Overlocker is optional

10. Threads to match your fabric

  • Cancellation policy:

    Students can cancel or reschedule their session up to 5 days before the session booking date.

  • Joining the session:

    We will send out a ZOOM link once you have made your booking.


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