1-2-1 Tuition  (Online - 15 minutes)

1-2-1 Tuition (Online - 15 minutes)

The Fashion Box are pleased to announce our brand new range of live sewing classes!


We understand that a lot of people have purchased sewing machines during the lockdown period, and we have been unindated with calls and emails,  requesting help in assisting them getting to grips with their new (or old) machines!


We have created our first live tutorial on getting to know your sewing machine. This is a 1-2-1 session with Craig (Mr. Fashion Box!) 


More advanced dressmakers and tailors may want to discuss sewing techniques, or need advice on more advanced techniques.


During this 15 minute facetime session online via Zoom, you can learn how to set up your machine and get started on your sewing journey. 


At The Fashion Box, we understand each home-sewer will have different brands of machine, rather than learning in a group session and waiting your turn,  this is the ideal opportunity to focus on your own with your tutor, on how your machine works, what it will do, and how to avoid any sewing disasters!


During the 15 minute session, privately with your tutor, you can tailor your session to your personal needs, covering areas such as:


  • Threading your machine correcly
  • How to fix sewing issues
  • Sewing kit essentials
  • How to sew with your machine
  • Different stitches and their uses
  • Fixing 'nesting' issues (messy threads underneath your fabric)
  • Using the different presser feet for your machine
  • Why isn't my machine sewing?!


When booking please propose three date and times that you would like your session to take place. Also let Craig know,  what you would like to cover in the session, so he can prepare any handouts that may be of use for the session.


You can contact Craig via the contacts page of our website, or email workshops@thefashionbox.co.uk


All workshop are on UK time (GMT)

  • Requirements:

    • Access to Zoom
    • Phone or tablet with camera and microphone
    • Sewing machine
    • Thread (good quality, either Gutterman or Coats Moon)
    • Scrap fabric
    • Printer (should you require learning materials)