Reading a Commercial Pattern - ONLINE

Reading a Commercial Pattern - ONLINE

We have all been there, looking at a sewing pattern envelope, wondering where on earth we start!


In this ONLINE workshop via ZOOM, all the information you need to prep for the making of your garments, will be broken down into understandable tutorials, focusing on the following elements:


1. Styles variations available 

2. Body measurements and sizing

3. Selecting the correct size

4. Do I need to make pattern adjustments?

5. Body measurements Vs finished garment measurements

6. Fabric consumption Vs width of fabric

7. Suitable fabrics - how do I choose a suitable fabric?

8. Stretch (knit) patterns Vs Woven patterns

9. Selecting a fabric with the correct amount of stretch

10. Notions / Haberdashery

11. Cutting your pattern to size

12. Marking and symbols 

13. Layplans - laying the patterns on fabric


We have selected a 'New Look' pattern, from which we have created a handout for you to follow, so we can work together in real-time. Which you will recieve before the workshop begins.


So, come along and bust the brainfog of using commercial patterns!


During each segment of the tutorial Craig will open up the room for questions.


  • Cancellation Policy:

    Students can cancel or reschedule their session up to 5 days before the session booking date.

  • Requirements:

    We will send out a ZOOM link once you have made your booking.

    A few days before the workhop, we will send you, via email, the handouts that we will be using in class.

    You will need to have access to these for the class, ideally printed out in colour, as we have highlighted sections on the pattern envelope we will be discussing in class.

  • Workshop duration:

    The session is 1.5 hours 


020 88005628

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