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Universal (Regular / Standard), Pack of 10. Size: Various Mixed Assorted Sizes, 70/10 - 90/14.

These needles are for WOVEN fabrics.

Schmetz household / domestic sewing machine needles. Type: Jersey / Ball Point (pack of 10). Size: Assorted Various Mixed Sizes, 70/10 - 90/14.

These needles are for STRETCH fabrics.

Used for knit fabrics, the ball point on this needle pushes the yarns apart instead of cutting thru them. Fabric Use: Knits & stretch fabrics. Made especially for sewing on knits. The medium ball point doesn't damage or break knitted fibres.

This is the sewing machine we use in the workshop:

The Singer model 1507 is a entry level model that is easy to use and durable. It comes with a powerful motor and heavy duty frame that allows you to tackle most sewing projects. The 1507 has a quick and easy threading system. It comes with snap-on presser feet which are easy to change. The machine has a carrying handle that allows for ease of moving the machine, along with a soft dust cover.